The bright, sun-like land truly reflects the narrowest of the simple life, these classic African images of travel. The land of the people of the earth has much to offer each explorer. Walk through this sunny land with TRAVEL-B African vacation and experience what it means to link you to your roots. At Travel-B, we understand the fundamental nature of this epic land, which we use to chart our routes to unique groups of trips in Africa. Explore the splendor of humanity that coexists alongside wildlife and bring abundant forest life with any of our holiday packages to Africa. The experience of being in the wilderness, just as we see it on the Discovery Channel and the National Geographic Channel, cannot be better than being in this land with your trip to Africa. The geographical diversity of the landscape of this land is the most distinctive factor. Be a part of an unforgettable travel story with us to "Rainbow Nation" and listen to our heritage of traveling, exploring life and celebrating it!

Our partners have roots in Kenya & Tanzania, which is why we work as locals experts and we have the infrastructure to achieve what we promise. Although Kenya is one of the leading African safaris, it is one of the many safari destinations that can take you to it. Every country, from Tanzania, Botswana, South Africa to Namibia and others, has its own unique story, culture, climate and experience waiting to share with you.

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Best Season:Year Round & Depends On Where You Travel
Popular Location: Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Morocco , South Africa , Egypt & Madagascar
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Kenya Family Safari

6 Days

The itinerary is designed such that you get to spend maximum time in  game drives! We pride on our wildlife expertise and the quality of drivers and guides. Safari with them is a beautiful experience! We stay at prime locations…

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